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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The History part V : The Resources

Style Wars
by Tony Silver, Henry Chalfaunt.

IMHO: A must have Hip Hop documentary. Focuses on graffiti. The closest thing you will get to the time period when Hip Hop was still raw. 
Wild Style
by Charlie Ahearn

IMHO: A must have Hip Hop movie. The first movie based on early Hip Hop culture. Tons of pioneers.
The Freshest Kids
by Israel, QD III

IMHO: Recent documentary that focuses on Hip Hop dance, specifically breakin. Great film. defiantly a must have.
Beat Street

Not the greatest Hip Hop movie, a bit exaggerated, but this movie was pivital in bringing Hip Hop to the masses.
amazing West Coast talent and featured more POPPING and LOCKING styles. 

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